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The World of Pacifica

Pacifica is a planet rich in life, short on land. Surrounded by the world ocean, the people of Pacifica live in tune with marine life, their culture, and the seasonal changes in weather.

Heavily influenced by Old Earth Polynesia, Pacificans have a culture centered on family, community, and personal achievement—especially in the areas of fishing, navigation, underwater construction, and biology. The planet is considered to be a garden world and draws a significant amount of interstellar tourism in spite of its out-of-the-way location within the fold corridor network.

It is also the home of Leviathans—enormous deep sea creatures who come to the surface during storms. Every five years, when the planet’s two suns align just as the planet passes into the longer winter arc of its orbit, a worldwide storm triggers a massive phosphorescent feeding frenzy that can be seen from space.

It’s during this storm season that the Circum Pacifica Cup is held. Few would attempt it, and racers die every year, but the survivors are entitled to wear a Wayfinder tattoo and the winners are some of the most respected people on all of Pacifica.

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