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Alan Campbell, the OG of VGO is Back!

It's been a little while but there's still so much story to tell. Book 4 of my Viridian Gate Online: Illusionist series is now up for pre-order and coming your way on March 15th.

If you haven't checked out this LitRPG adventure series yet (or you need a refresher) you can pick up all the books here:

I had a great time diving back into this universe and I think you'll find it as twisty, pun-filled, and full of heart as ever.

And what do you think of this awesome cover art?!

Here's the book blurb to whet your whistle:

Love can make a man do terrible things.

Somewhere within the Library, a clock is winding down. With Wendy safe, Alan needs to focus on paying his debt to the Plague Doctors of Wyrdtide by the end of the month. But a slip of the tongue doubles the amount, turning a hard task into an impossible one.

His only option is to ask the master of assassins for work. But murder for money isn't the only thing Alan needs to worry about. The gods are upset with him, his old colleagues want him dead; and the Circle of Brewers is hiding more than the secrets of Alchemy.

And there's something else, something deadlier, and it's reaching through time to seize everything Alan loves in its fist. Try as he might, it may have been too late from the start.

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