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The FiveFold Universe is Expanding

Are you ready for the next adventure? I'm excited to announce that a new author has joined the FiveFold Universe! Chris A. Jackson is joining the party and is bringing his love of classic sci-fi to a new adventure set within the FFU. The Alden Northcliff series begins with book 1, Pacifica. Read more below or pre-order it on Amazon before its July 6 launch date here

He’ll have to harness the storm to save his homeworld.

Sailing in the Circum-Pacifica Cup is an honor and privilege most Pacificans dream of, but this time Alden Northcliff isn’t racing ahead of the water-world’s global storms for glory. He’s doing it so he can stand on the winner’s podium, shake the governor’s hand, and kill him.

With his fifty-year career in the Federal Fleet left in tatters after a mistake that cost millions of lives, Alden is fighting to save his homeworld—a quest that feels like redemption. But it’s not just leviathans and hurricane winds Alden has to face. Racers are being murdered. The police are cracking down on local communities. Offworld mercenaries strike from the skies. Corporate greed is destroying his homeworld, and the governor is at the center of it. One way or another, this Circum-Pacifica Cup may be Alden’s last.

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