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Get More Behind-the-Scenes Looks

In hopes of working towards becoming a full time author, I have now created a Patreon page.

Hello, friends!

As you know, I like to stay busy. I've finished my new Sci-Fi Novel, The Starborn Heir, and it's gone through multiple rounds of review. It is quite shiny. For those of you who volunteered to be beta readers, I look forward to sharing it with you soon.

I've also been working with J.A. Hunter, the creator of the Viridian Gate Online Archives, on a new serial adventure set in the world of V.G.O. but sixteen years after Cataclysm! With the main series coming to a close, the Portal Mage episodes will reveal some of the hidden mechanics behind the game... and maybe things about the real world as well. Portal Mage will be released on at least a monthly basis on both James' and my Patreon channels. I'm also going to be performing it as an audio narrator on Youtube, once we've got a few episodes under our belts. We're both excited about where the story is already heading, and hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

If you'd like to check my Patreon channel out, you can find it here. I'll be talking more about the process, story art, research, and a number of other tidbits than in my main channels, as well as hosting a discord channel, livestreams, and the occasional exclusive material that the rest of the world won't see for weeks or months. You don't have to sign up to keep getting the occasional newsletter, but if you'd like MORE, get it sooner, and to meet some of the other readers, Patreon is the place to be.

As a special thank you to early supporters I'm including an offer to become part of the story and will put you inside an episode of Portal Mage.

Have a great rest of the week!


P.S. Still need to subscribe to my mailing list? You can do it here!

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