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Gentleman's War

Making its public debut in VGO: The Illusionist Book 1 Nomad Soul, Gentleman's War is a game I came up with waiting for a plane out of Afghanistan with a fellow aviator and a team of snipers. We were tired, dusty, ready to go home; it felt *right* to play a game about conflict and stories, where cheating is encouraged, and the high card doesn't always win.

At some point in Alan's adventure, it also became the perfect metaphor for his life in Viridian Gate Online, a world that sometimes rewards the clever more than the strong.

Many of our readers asked James and I how to play the game, and if we'd consider making collectible cards like the ones our characters used. Now, we're excited to announce that we've been working with an amazing artist who has helped us bring the game to life! The standard deck will have four suits, 52 cards, with two jokers and a booklet on how to play the game. You'll of course be able to use the deck for other card games, and every single one of the cards (not just the face cards) is illustrated with a character from the VGO series.

And with your support, we'll have more rewards for supporters, including alternate decks, veteran cards, and more.

Check out it out on my secret page

And sign up for sneak peeks and information about the Kickstarter we'll be launching in 2021 so you can get your own set to bring home.

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