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The FiveFold Universe is a hard sci-fi book universe set in the distant future with humanity scattered across the galaxy. 

The golden age of technology is over, but that hasn’t stopped humanity’s spread across the stars.

Colonies rise and fall on the ever-expanding frontier. Planetary governments and interstellarcorporations clash over influence and resources, and themercenaries of the Combine fight forwhoever will pay. The remnants of the Federal Fleet do their best to remain neutral and keephumanity safe from rogue AIs, encroaching aliens, and the threat of humanity itself.

It is a time of great opportunity for the sentients of the galaxy. Fortunes will be made. Borders willbe moved. Legends will be written. And a select few among the teeming trillions will rise tobecome Immortals.

The FiveFold Universe currently has 12 books and counting, from 7 veteran sci-fi authors. Explore the universe, dive into the wiki, and see what's next, at

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