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The Black Year Series Book 1: Black Fall

Secret identities. Bloodsucking organizations. When a high-schooler unlocks mystical abilities, will he be the newest target on a deadly list?

Modern-day Manhattan. Jonas Black longs to wash his hands of existential drama. But with his mom increasingly paranoid, the worried sixteen-year-old nearly jumps out of his skin when paranormal predators invade his home hunting for his missing dad. And after his mother finally reveals that he’s the world’s one-and-only natural-born vampire, he resolves to unlock otherworldly skills and rescue his lost father.

Invited to train at an elite supernatural academy, Jonas dives fangs-first into arduous classes to prepare for sneak attacks from family enemies. And as he marvels at wisecracking werewolves, telepathic liches, and mind-bending powers, he vows to unleash his inner badass and pry out the truth… even if it puts his life on the line. With the odds against him getting longer by the minute, can Jonas outsmart those hellbent on bringing down his bloodline?

Black Fall is the thrilling first book in The Black Year YA urban fantasy series. If you like awkward heroes, dark humor, and surprise twists, then you’ll love D.J. Bodden’s fast-paced battle.

White Winter by D.J. Bodden

The Black Year Series Book 2: White Winter

White Winter picks up 5 days after Black Fall ended. Now a probationary enforcer with the Agency, Jonas can finally take time to process what happened to him and get back to being a regular teenager.

Just kidding. It's the end of the world and Jonas is in the driver's seat. More rogues, more bullets, more explosions, and more dog jokes. Gunplay and swordplay. A grudge-match 4000 years in the making. Follow Jonas, Kieran, Eve, and the rest of the team as they put down a supernatural insurgency and pave the way to the Balance in ash, blood, and bone.

red spring.jpg

The Black Year Series Book 3: Red Spring

Killer angels, zombie chefs, and werewolves in lab coats. Three weeks after the events of White Winter, the world is changing, it's coming apart, and Jonas Black can either lose his mind or lose all he has. Can he protect himself and those he loves? Will he emerge from the carnage unscathed, or will victory cost him everything he is? How much will one half-vampire sorcerer allow the world to take from him before he decides to make it bleed?

An epic contemporary fantasy jumping head first into the apocalypse, Red Spring is the breaking point. Welcome to the new normal. Welcome to the Collapse.

Read the Black Year Series as Jonas would, with the music from the books

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