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D.J. Bodden
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Hi! I'm D.J., and I write smart, character-driven escapism.

What does that mean?
First of all, reading one of my books should be fun, something to take your mind off the stresses of your life and plunge you into a vivid world where the protagonist matters and it's possible to win. The descriptions won't be pages long, just enough to let you build the world you want to experience, because my books are about letting you live, feel, and anticipate what comes next.

To that end, I write simply and cleanly: my first drafts are always shorter than my final drafts, and I try not to go heavy on flowery language. I also won't always explain everything, but focus on what it's like to have to do thing things involved. If you like to know things, you'll see a lot of research went into that simplicity, but if you just want to relax and follow the action, that's fine, too.

Finally, my characters usually start out at a disadvantage and gain the upper hand by being obnoxiously bold or clever. They're decisive, which can take other people off guard, and they're almost always in over their heads. My plots are layered, and my books tie into each other in complex ways. As a result, I've been told a first readthrough of my work is great (>4.5* average on Amazon), but the second readthrough is even better because you get to see all the layering that went into building it.

Visit my FiveFold Universe site to learn about my newest projects and the expanded hard sci-fi universe I've built along with some amazing veteran and upcoming sci-fi authors.

All of my books are available on Amazon, and many on Audible too. Check out my books below or visit my Amazon Author page to follow me and keep up with my new releases.

D.J. Bodden is a science fiction and fantasy writer, and creator of the FiveFold Universe, a hard sci-fi universe for fans of The Expanse, BattleTech, and Star Trek. Before he was a writer he was a Marine and military attack helicopter pilot, as well as being a coffee trader, tech COO and video game aficionado.
He currently lives in Switzerland and is always looking for a new story.

Stay in touch with D.J. to chat about his upcoming books, and talk stories by joining his mailing list, by

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